CompactStick is a physical media for distributing music and other media content.

It is based on a fast 2GB flash drive. It contains a hybrid file system which makes it possible that the CompactStick could be played at most computers, stand alone players, dvd-players, dj-mixers and car audio systems with usb host port.

One part is a NTFS file system with WAV files (in original cd-quality), videos and other bonus material. The file system is write protected and can be accessed from most computers and most newer hifi systems.

The other part is a FAT file system that contains MP3 audio files and can be played at nearly all hifi and other players that support music threw a usb host port.

Beside the standard formats (WAV in cd quality, WMV video in PAL or NTSC standard) a CompactStick can contain all kind of other media files, like surround sound, high resolution WAV files, high definition video etc.

¹ featuring S.U.N. Project
Psyshop proudly presents S.U.N. Project's "X Black Album"  featuring Nina Hagen on vocals. The CompactStick version of the album includes bonus remixes and videos.
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Designed by Roy&Jani
¹ Music albums
The new album releases from "Vibrasphere", "Atmos" and "Electric Universe" are available as CompactStick. Also a special edition from the artist "Astrix" is exclusive available as CompactStick.