CompactStick - USB Stick in a Jewel Case

On the 10th of December 2008 in co-operation with a leading international operating manufacturer of flashproducts the CompactStick, the successor to the Compact Disc, was released on the market. International prominent artists from the dance music genre, as well as distribution partners and online stores in Europe, Honkong and Japan have been acquired for the market introduction.

The CompactStick is equipped with 2 Gigabyte memory capacity and is packaged in a CD Jewel Case (Photo). On the CompactStick the songs will be available in both WAV and MP3 format. Next to surround sound formats plenty of bonus material such as video clips, links to concert dates and websites, photos and exclusive tracks will be included on the CompactStick.

¹ featuring S.U.N. Project
Psyshop proudly presents S.U.N. Project's "X Black Album"  featuring Nina Hagen on vocals. The CompactStick version of the album includes bonus remixes and videos.
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Designed by Roy&Jani
¹ Music albums
The new album releases from "Vibrasphere", "Atmos" and "Electric Universe" are available as CompactStick. Also a special edition from the artist "Astrix" is exclusive available as CompactStick.